He lived with the big dream to give

A comfortable place for his family to live

Everlasting joy in the face of wife and children

Envisioned to make his home a heavenly garden.


He was alone earning family’s perks

He was skilled and dedicated to his work

To give his loved ones a homely comfort

Was his generous and consistent effort.


His children were studying in the best school

Where teachers used their best teaching tools,

To mold them to be scholars with kindness

They hardly had an opportunity to feel loneliness.


One Sunday morning came to a destructive typhoon

The loving dad who slept in the next room

Didn’t wake up even by the noon

The family had the greatest misfortune


Mom went to wake him up from his bed

Found him lying cold and dead

Mom started to scream in distress

Children joined mother with awful stress


~Deepak Raj Chetri 


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