Dim, Dim, Swallow

You woke up in, middle of the night of psychedelic

He got some words to justify your autotelic.

Sometimes it’s like someone took a knife

You don’t wanna see yourself as your strife.

He threw a knife through the middle of your skull,

Timber, o mine, they got their safety and a stull

You got a bad desire, with lots of harm and blood

He sowed broken bones beside a rodent flood.

Polypeptides are several with that reversible Chalone,

Did he go away and leave you all alone?

The city of full violence with some brutal spies,

Disgusting and offenses are filled up with your vice.

You are a victim, with having a dim,

If you open your eyes you must see his grim.

With the neighing of a white horse,

His neck bleeding caused by gorse

Blood oozing on the ice

Omega, through him, will take you for a trice.


~ Trijit Mukherjee

Kolkata, India

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