Why I Write

For some writing can be passion,

For others, writing can be fashion,

While for others writing a profession,

But I write for giving a lesson!


Some do write for noble cause,

Others to regulate laws,

While others for common exchange,

But I do write for change!


Some write to express feelings,

Others for heart healings,

While others for relieving from pain,

But I write for life again!


Some write just to pass time,

Others write to lessen crime,

While others to be a confessor,

But I write to live forever!


                                                                ~ Mohan Singh Saud 




  1. Congratulations! Incredible poetry, absolutely aptable to include in school and campus level English textbook throughout the world

  2. Katak Bahadur Shahi

    it’s the very very iteresting poem ,sir

  3. So appealing poem!!! Sir

  4. Dr. Kailash Nath Khandelwal

    Makes some sense. Congratulations.