The Monger of Mental Health

Exaggerated pasts with scores of contempt,

To do upon others as was done upon them.

By spinning yarns of a vile and insidious farce,

As artists crying wolf as predatory sharks.


Abandoning the despaired for shining prosperity,

Profiting on platitudes professed to tragedies.

Not just pretty faces scheming towards success,

They patronize those approaching ungodly ends.


The desperate cries for assistance from above,

“Silence!” Pretense is the price in the mongers’ ward.

Busy blasphemers allergic to psychiatric authority,

Ignorant stalwarts condescend their therapeutic quackery.


Holding dreams hostage for a compulsive sale,

That all pursuits but theirs can never prevail!

“You are all accursed without our merciful keeping,

And self-recovery is dumb faith foolishly leaping”


Shouldering the tears of the privileged but bereaved,

Prints carbon portrayals of the mongers’ disease nay dreams.

“Excuse me, what title may we bestow upon you Lords”

“The Marketers of Madness” or “The Fascists of our Falls?”



~ Akshay Gudinho 

Mumbai, India

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