The Last Glance

Waves always find their way to the shore

For the shore has bewitched the waves

I was the cloud, ardently waiting to dwell in you

And you were the calm stable pond

I was the wind and you were a giant tree by the side

Together was never a sky for us to look at

‘Us’ seems to be a very old fairy tale

But its oddness was chaos, is the irony of its being

Our irony is the blossom of our very own tragedy

And it was the beauty of the tale

When the waves leave the shore

It’s the twilight moment of love and loss

Where the birds peep amidst the cloudy sky

The waves rush back violent

While the love still peeps with hope

Inevitable was this departure of ours; mine and yours

Clouds waited for this moment of our parting

To shower the crystals of our days gone

The last glance was it

And the last stays forever, perhaps!


~Nila S. Krishna

Kerala, India


  1. Awesome poem… Loved it!!❤️👏

  2. Super molu🤝🤝🤝God bless u😍❤

  3. Use of simple poetic words to express nostalgic feeling….. Proud of you. Keep writing.