Month: November 2021


The Last Glance

Waves always find their way to the shore For the shore has bewitched the waves I was the cloud, ardently waiting to dwell in you And you were the calm stable pond I was the wind and you were a giant tree by the side Together was never a sky […]


Frozen Earth Sonata

by Steve Carr This place, this place, where tall oak trees that border the fields shed the last rust-colored leaves of Autumn that blanket the earth shorn of hay, where the dry, dead leaves crackle under Gracie’s footsteps, is soon to be the burial place of her beloved cat, Ginger. […]


An Empty Photo Frame

An empty photo frame sits on my mantelpiece Its occupant photograph for years was once a symbol of love, merriment, and an exultant beginning; How it transformed overnight into a rendition of a failed love story, of broken promises, of abandonment, of sadness and of an unthinkable hatred! Our photograph […]


The Monger of Mental Health

Exaggerated pasts with scores of contempt, To do upon others as was done upon them. By spinning yarns of a vile and insidious farce, As artists crying wolf as predatory sharks.   Abandoning the despaired for shining prosperity, Profiting on platitudes professed to tragedies. Not just pretty faces scheming towards […]