Month: November 2021



Loneliness is not be despised, It offers several opportunities, In the beginning it hammers, But when accustomed to it, It becomes an easier path To tread in the silence of stars. Loneliness has its own music of silence.   Loneliness is a fertile ground For spontaneous flow of words, Powerful […]


Coronavirus and Dengue

Symptoms of Dengue include the onset of fever, headache, pain behind the eyes, joint and muscle pain, rash, and vomiting. Those with dengue usually have a sudden onset of fever and rash but no respiratory symptoms said a doctor. Dengue fever, which is caused by the dengue virus transmitted via […]


Silent Rhythm

When I fly In the air, And whisper your name Though you are miles away Hope you hear it As it goes your way.   I want  to feel the warmth in your palms, So, I walk and look up the sky. The clouds give me smile. That the silent […]


Beyond the Five Ws and One H: Story of A Good Samaritan

by Sheetal Akhade, introduction by Dr. Kiran Thakur Introduction This is part of a three-feature case study on follow-up of a news story published by Pune Marathi daily Loksatta on 15th January 1990.  Sunil Kaduskar, then a 32-year-old reporter covered an accident in which an industrial worker died at a […]


Wonderful Warrior Woman…

How should I describe her? The woman who shines like a star, After enduring the pain of all sorts, They are the ones who gave us birth.   Mothers are the ones, Who carried us nine months in their wombs, Two years in their warming arms, And forever in their […]


Where Are the Family Doctors Today?

by  S. Chandra Shekar  Anyone living in a rural village, town, or big city requires the assistance of a general medical practitioner from time to time. In earlier times we had Family Doctors and General Physicians located at various places serving the local population and taking care of their healthcare. […]


My Dream…

I was in a sunny place of a dome, With beautiful acacias blooming around, Fluttering butterflies offer warm welcome, The feel of the allure was already around.   Deep in the scenic rose’s bush, I observed a white creature with cringles, It was singing soothingly and made me hush, It […]


The Seeds Perspective

by Snigdha Banerjee Agrawal ‘Be still’ said the old gardener to the handful of seeds.  “Your life is at the mercy of the elements.  Be not misled by the Fair & Lovely Billboards promising lighter skin, in a matter of weeks. It’s all humbug!” The seeds pondered over the old […]


Time Management and Organization

by Isha Patkar, Neha Koganti, Rishi Bappanad, and Tejas Deodhar, The GTF Group Introduction “The task is due in two days, I’ll do it later”. This is a promise which the majority of people have told themselves at least once in their lifetime. It may seem harmless at the time, […]