My Beautiful Farmhouse

Once I was swimming upstream, in

the river struggling against flow.

The economic burden stressed me,

though change is the truth of life.

When I began my career, I was

struggling with an empty hand.

In my critical period, I met people

and made valuable connections.

I could establish my export and

import business to various islands.

I decided to settle in a place where

families and children could relax.

My farmhouse is situated in ‘Mahua’

forest in the lap of nature.

All the rooms were decorated with

designed teak wood furniture.

There is a swimming pool and a

beautiful garden behind the house.

The internet point is free as there is

WIFI connection in every room.

My farmhouse which is close to a tea

state is an excellent place to enjoy.

The tea estate gives best view of trees

and fresh air every morning.

Guests can relax in this beautiful

farmhouse with drinks and snacks.

We can see brightness of the sun,

twinkle of the stars and blue sky.

We feel happy to see trees and

chirping of birds of ‘Mahua’ forest.

There is true happiness, if affection

towards relatives is established.


                                                   ~Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

                                                           New Delhi, India

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