Loneliness is not be despised,

It offers several opportunities,

In the beginning it hammers,

But when accustomed to it,

It becomes an easier path

To tread in the silence of stars.

Loneliness has its own music of silence.


Loneliness is a fertile ground

For spontaneous flow of words,

Powerful ideas join your fold,

Inlay your precious jems of words

On the variegated canvas of ideas

And the springs of inspiration

Thus begin to flow on their own magic ways.


Man is never tired of loneliness,

Though he complains of it so often,

An attitude of thought and feeling;

When both merge into one,

A powerful state of mind thus exists

And man is at once surrounded with

Unimaginable imaginative poetic creations.


~Kailash Nath Khandelwal 

Agra, India


  1. Aaradhya Khandelwal

    The lines are meaningful.This poem is worth reading.

  2. I loved the title . This is a different topic which people think very differntly about it but the way you elaborated it is a nice way .