Desire to Embrace the Nature

Every morning, as I open my eyes

I wish to see the beautiful sunrise

Its rays passing through the clean air

Cleansing every being’s pain and despair


I wish to hear the sound of chirping birds

Singing soothing melody song in large herds

Without having little fear of falling prey

To its predators through night and day


As I move out of the place I dwell

The best aroma of nature I wish to smell

Giving me the on earth, the heavenly feel

Letting me get engrossed into eternal zeal


Let nature fulfill my long-sought dream

Of drinking safe water from any flowing stream

That flows through the interior of villages, agleam

Quenching my thirst, washing my despairs downstream


I wish to feel the pristine environment around

Stretching all over the globe unbound

I pay gratitude to nature’s endless giving

For providing habitat to all the beings living


~Deepak Raj Chetri


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