Beautiful Blossom

I wish to be that beautiful blossom
and be an apple of eye for everyone.
I’ll host the bees and butterflies;
sweeten them with nectar and load them with the pollens.

I wish to capture every heart,
and be the source of their life’s fragrance.
By the same virtue, I want everyone to recognize me,
both in the light and darkness through heavenly scent.

I would let the beholders fall in love with me,
and allow them to gently kiss my petals.
I wish the visitors to be gentle,
so that I can smile with same beauty.

I beg you my suitors not to pick me;
it will deprive the bees and butterflies
the luxury of nectars that I offer freely.
Let me be the fountain of happiness for all.

I would love to bloom in the same place,
so that I breathe the entire season.
Let me not perish before I serve those bees and butterflies;
I ain’t sure if I will be able to greet another season of blossom.

It is painful to be beautiful,
when all my vistors are not mindful.
There isn’t a single minute spared to be at ease,
as visitors keep coming and going, anytime.


~Yeshi Nidup

Phuentsholing, Bhutan 

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