Tonight I Cannot Sleep

I see the moon, gleaming bright,

Amidst a tranquil sky.

Yes, all is quiet but tonight,

I cannot close my eyes.


The gentle humming of the breeze,

That tries to lull me as though I

Were but a child it could appease,

With mere a simple lie.


I know too much, I want to say,

To simply be deceived.

The dreams may come but do not stay,

As much as I may plead.


Shadows lurking! Are they there?

Or is it only me?

Might I look? Might I dare?

They vanish suddenly!


The silence that is calm to all,

Is deafening to me.

I cannot let go, lest I fall,

To a world I cannot see.


Unseen demons, wait around!

They do not let me sleep.

The helplessness, my spirit bound,

I cannot even weep!


The darkness then besieges me,

Surrounding every sense.

I will not hear, I will not see,

Comforting is pretence.


The night is long, my restive mind,

The questions unanswered.

I search, I look, what do I find?

Voices afore unheard.


I thought I knew and yet I didn’t,

Transpired what, and what will.

But then a ray, luminescent,

Is cast upon the sill.


Then peak to peak and bough to bough,

The shadows lift, the dark is gone.

And quietened is the silence now,

A new day dawned upon!


What were the torments of the night?

Illusions, truths or mere a myth.

I ask myself, then see the light,

The night has passed and taken with.


Now brilliant bright, the rays that shine,

I see them, yes, I do!

And now the only voice is mine,

The voice I always knew.


                                                             ~Rrashima Swaarup Verma 

                                                                Gurgaon, India

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