Month: October 2021


Governments, Religion, Refugees and Orphans

by Ayushi Jain Frantically pouring closets into a single suitcase. Grabbing everything that can be carried. Mute farewells to walls and shelters and orange trees and cars bought from an entire lifetime’s saving. Thrusting tears back from where they came from, running away to seek sanctuary from the place where […]


Tourists and Tourists

The tourists assault the tourists: “What language was that (smile, attention—good wishes!) you were speaking?   And where are you from? Well, we’ll have to go there— where we’re from… do you speak our language?   Yes, it’s a beautiful city. But you haven’t been there. Some of our neighbors […]


Tomorrow Is Another Day

As I sat outside the shop the dodgy looking woman came out and the alarm went off, within seconds there was five or six security from different firms around her No, it is okay she said it is just my phone. They opened up her bag and of course, there […]


Go Away

O! Corona, Go away, Don’t stay; We’re happy, We want to play.   We want to be out; You are here, We stay inside, But we keep quiet; Or we fight.   We want to enjoy, Baby wants a toy, How we get! Don’t regret!   Corona wouldn’t, Be here […]


Busy Life

Life is too busy, thinking of it makes me dizzy. We live with so many plans but ends with nothing done.   Yet, life has to move forward instead of moving backward. Some people take it easy and in the end, they grow crazy.   Life thrills but we must […]


I Too Had Friends a Long Time Ago

A question for you: Did you actually know, That I too had friends a long time ago?! Today, I shall take pride and say with glee That I had some ordeal and compassionate friends with me, Who were my supporting pillars in times of need And gave a helping hand […]


Rainy Day in the Forest

It appeared the rains would never stop, The green thunders lose among trees, We decided to stay put till canopies of God last, Earthworms make holes that are transparent, Water fills and makes ducts, a deluge sort of. Rain pounded yellow-eyed goats, I wonder What they think under the yellow […]


The Spring’s Spectacle

The blissful blossoms on the earth‘s bosom, Born to give off the fragrant love. The beaming boughs dance to a melodic rhythm, Turned on to light up the lovelorn grove.   Ivies of hopes climb the sky beyond reach, Rejoicing the union of earth and sky. Decked in silvery dews […]


Regretful Love

Two friends, Both loved books One had accepted queerness Other deemed herself ally   Joined in the hip Went where the other was Physically or mentally Paranoia struck one When other disappeared Is she kidnapped? What if she has been killed? Oh, Crime thrillers Drove her crazy   One found […]