Month: October 2021


Limiting Desires

I do not have a strong desire for power Neither have I felt joy when I was empowered All I aspire for is a simple life to live Where I have less to take and more to give   I have no dreams to fly so high Nor wasting time, […]



Smile, the greatest asset of mankind; Every man and woman own with pride. Let it linger with us without any prejudice. Smile, an inexpensive ornaments of humanity; that perfectly decorates man and woman. Without it, even the beautiful face bears no charm and robs all their beauty like an Autumn […]


प्रेम मिलन

सब रंगों से गहरी देखो, सांवरे की प्रीत है। रंगी है जिसमें देखो राधा, वह युगो-युगो की रीत है।।१।।   सुलझे मोहन देखो कैसे, राधे को उलझाए। प्रेम मिलन में झूमे देखो, महारास रचाएँ।।२।।   बिसरे जग राधे को तो, कृष्ण भी मिट जाएँ। अस्तित्व है उनका राधे से, यही […]



Once with you the fortune, Hardship disappears, but when shun away; One starts humming the sorrow tune, From problems he starts to run away.   If a captain of a warship; Prepares only the day before; Merely with some  meaningless of worship; To make him live eight days instead of four. […]



Who am I, Priyam? That I should yearn for you with such passion It pales even before my desire for a smile I forget who I told, I said I can love someone from afar Slumber half-awake in a lap of lilac imagination Wander off in solitary delight, accomplish Ferocity […]


The Spirit of the Game

by the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal Sportsmanship does not apply only to sportsmen but also to the audience who enjoy the game.  The loss of the Indian Cricket team in last week’s match against Pakistan brought forth some really ugly side of some Indian cricket fans where the loss was blamed […]


Grandfather With Ass Head

In Burgos capital Inhabits a young couple With two precious children The most beautiful in the neighborhood. Like the smallest He is still small Donkey-headed grandfather Take the older one for a walk Less than two years old. When the child wants to see ducks They go down to the […]



You tell yourself To give him a chance, Even though, From the first day, You see he’ll be A problem.   He shouts, Arrives late, Picks fights.   And though you feel Your patience breaking, You tell yourself He’s trying; That he’ll turn it around.   He gets worse; Like […]