She Told Me

She told me to be humble
and keep my life simple.
Thus, I lead myself with humbleness
and breath the freshness of simplicity.

She told me to be kind
and make others’ life comfortable.
My religion is kindness
With the priority to make them live comfortably.

She told me to be wise
and be a champion of humane.
Countless problems can be solved if we reign wisely,
with sincere respect for humanity.

She told me to make others happy
and treat them as equals.
The ultimate goal of every human is happiness
and everyone wishes to live in the world of equality.

She told me to be gentle
and be a role model.
I strive to remain a gentleman
and strengthen the positive living modality.

She told me to do good
and cultivate the virtue of harmony.
As always, I dream and hope for goodness
to weave our life of togetherness, harmoniously.

She told me not to hurt
others for any reason.
Hence, I hold this advice within the core of my heart
and ensure that it does not be a source of treason.

She gave me all the wisdom
to nurture their freedom.
She gave me all the power;
with it, I shall be empowered.

~Yeshi Nidup

Phuentsholing, Bhutan 

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