Month: September 2021


The Waiting Hours

This is a hospital The waiting hour seems unending Like an anaconda, the line begins But seems to end nowhere   Not only the aged Here is a line of the sick Of all age groups Some chatting endlessly Others as quiet as the dormouse   The racket of sounds […]


Stars and Tears, Who are Always There

Now that I’m leaving You don’t tolerate me being me   Mom and dad you’re like my stars So far and eternities away..unlike stars You aren’t always there   Me, my words, my heart misses the people We used to be   Mom and dad, I want your presence like […]


The Debt

by Deepanshu Srivastava  Vidarbha, a north-eastern region of Maharashtra, has remained backward industrially and agriculturally. One of the various reasons is the formation of large basaltic rocks throughout Vidarbha leading to crop failure, increased cost of cultivation, and poor irrigation facilities. Consequently, about 70 % of farmers – suicides are […]


Secularism, State and Marriage

 by Adwaith PB Jab mia beevi raazi, to kya karega qazi? In the present political atmosphere, besmirched by an idée fixe for nationalism, an “illegitimate child of colonialism”, as claimed by Nandy, qazi (here, State) is adept in doing many things. The overwhelming majority in Indian states, with a de […]


To Nay Sayers

They say, “Surely it’s gonna fail It’s gonna break It’s gonna wreck Like a ship with a hole.” But I am gonna try.   “Certainly it’s miserable It’s weak Like a fragile glass It’s not worth it.” But I am gonna try.   “For sure it’s impossible It’s almost unachievable […]


Sweet Night

Let our way to house In the midnight of cozy summer Pathway filled with collide of our soul   Let our way to garden In midsummer of creamy shade Sideway embrace with our silicon vibes   Let our way to bed In middle of nowhere to near our Clumpsy sheets […]


Root of Truths

Humid the eyes of inconsolable followers  for they seek for blank cheque to filled their thirst They find tranquillity in the fading rays Their eyes hold decorative corruptive nest They applaud their failed leader as a mist   Shortly when denied the gored-ox They open the funerary bolts in humid […]


Runaway Bride

Scarlet was my ensemble, Scarlet-my eyes, My own blood painted me a portrait of mendacities, Gold were my jarring jewels, Gold-the fire in the altar I grew up to despise. Auburn was the earth where my hopes decomposed, Auburn-the new lines of fate on my palms, Standing morose, I was […]


The Moment

The moment I waited for hours at end, to be with my dad The moment I waited to tittle-tattle with my dad The moment I waited to disclose the adoration to my dad But by a twist of fate, my father became favourite to God forever Thereupon, the moment persists […]