My Spirit Drowned

The day grows old

Along with me

As I sit and stare randomly

At those sitting or standing

For their turn


Looking around I perceive

Not, a radiant smile on any face

All look tired and strained

Perplexed at what the future

Holds in store

I heave a sigh


Am here drowning the hours

As the sun is ready to disappear

Dusk is setting in, striding gently

The sky grows golden

As the rays tumble and shimmer

In the waters riding home on the waves


The moon still hiding behind

With its majestic family of stars

That will soon twinkle and spread its silvery sheen guarding the moon


The chirping sounds are no longer heard

The broad masculine branches

Have tucked them to sleep in their nests

To awaken them at the crack of dawn


Am I to sit here until I am exhausted

And fall asleep?

Will someone come and wake me Up, from this miserable place?


Am more sickly than before

Simply feel like running out

For a breath of fresh air

To breathe and freshen up

My dampened spirit


~Shobha Diwakar

Jabalpur, India


  1. Your poem Ms Diwakar depicts the pain of sitting in the hospital lounge/ waiting room. Even when you wish to take some rest you can’t. No matter how sick one feels the patient has to wait patiently for his / her turn. It can be an extremely terrible experience. You have presented this idea very well along with beautiful imagery.

  2. yes, ASB to witness sick people sitting for long hours awaiting their turn to visit the doctor alone or with relatives is indeed a pain in the neck. apart from the fear of getting infected with the surrounding crowd it does drown one’s spirit with the withdrawn faces you face thanks for your wise comments

  3. Very vivid scene of helpless pain and fatigue . Calm and serene words hide volcanic frustration …, yet what to do !

  4. Thanks Jaishree ji for hittithe nail on the head
    Yes frustration wrings out your emotions when the sick is deprived of quiorelief fro his pain
    The long hours of waiting drowns one’s energy

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