Motivation from the Setting Sun

As the Sun went down,

               in all its fine glory;

 it narrated to the deep blue sky,

a truly inspiring story.


The sky was initially aghast,

to lose its guiding light;

life would never be the same,

he dreaded the dark, evil night.


Soon he saw the twinkling stars,

lighting up his weary path;

together they nudged him to believe in himself,

               together, they promised to fight the night’s wrath.


When we lose someone close,

               life seems so ruthless; we almost lose trust;

in our own abilities, in the world as a whole,

               every action somehow seems unjust.


Suddenly the stars appear,

               out of nowhere, just like magic divine;

nudging us to look within,

               reminding us of our own sparkling shine.


They affirm that life is precious,

               despite the loss, we need to move on;

 grow like a plant that has just been pruned,

               give eternal peace to the one who has gone.


~Ekta Saxena


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