Masked and Divided

She stood mute, her aureate eyes fixed on the screen

Beldams and belles from the land flocked the tiny room


Courtesy of the Beau geste of the Order,

looking to give back to the mortals

away from the realm of expanding cultural evolution.


The screen acting as a Panacean nexus

Between the all-knowing and the Unknown.


“All humans are created equal

And shall bequeath everything equally.”

Read an ephemeral voice lost to the translation,

Her mottled nails shining through the lens


The women lingered, some lurching around

trying to escape and some with lucid faces

Pretending philosophy is akin

to their wandering thoughts.


The one with the Aureate eyes bent closer to the nexus

Eager to get a look at the elite, upgraded version of the sapiens alien to her.

They get glimpses of the starry few on the other side,

Once in a while like the Rafflesia bloom

The sinister blossom phobic to brightness.


While the impatience rose in the herd,

The tumult leading to dust and ashes nebulously rising.

Words were never for these gluttons hunger raged,

Maybe an apple or two

Would have done the trick.


She bowed deeper to touch the screen

And there came the furling roar of air

Through the shabbily pierced nostrils.


In a moment of fulguration,

The screen went blank

Before the masks veiled the ornate faces

On the other side.


“Classless” someone uttered

From across the screen,

Trying to put on the glasses with instilled spf,

Probably the one beside the one with the mottled nails


Who is the one who read

“All humans are created equal

And shall bequeath everything equally “


                                                                                ~ Dr.Farha Sultana Shaik

                                                                                           Vijayawada, India


  1. Too good farha

  2. So meaningful and heart youching poetry.Keep it up

  3. So meaningful and heart touching poetry.Keep it up