Magic Is Never Lost

The magician moved his wand,

Asked me what I want

Ummm, I want – peace,

Ah, now peace is not here

It must have gone somewhere


Try finding it in your head

Now don’t bloat and turn red,

The Magi tried her luck too

Said you broke your head and heart too,

Still, you won’t find any


But I can give you lots of pennies

Pennies may buy you a girl,

The girl will give you a good swirl

You may dance and make merry,

But peace you won’t find any


Look again, inside you fool

Love is there right in your heart,

But it has turned ice cold

Where once the flame grew old


The magic is never lost

What you call a time off,

Is nothing but your heart-breaking off

Rekindle the flame before it turns cold


From ashes may rise another story unfold

Rise and look within,

Your heart holds many keys spinning

Your story may not have a good beginning


But let it flow and it will find its yin

In time let it meet the yang,

Complete the symmetry

Make it twang.


                                    ~Shreya Das

                                         Rourkela, India

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