An Imploration

I, an ordinary human being

Implore to you, the Supreme Being

To bless us with..

Some sensibility & empathy

To be more tolerant than what we are

Even though not always possible


To try to our utmost

In spite of being fallible.

We aren’t you, My Lord

We lack in capacity as well as capability

You, dear God being omnipotent

Can set things aright

Am I not right in saying so, my dear God?


You prefer to just watch

When in a mare’s nest we are tricked into

You, who is invincible can turn the tables


Something makes you immobile, isn’t it?

Is there treachery in your kingdom too?

Will your action have repercussions?

Does revenge exist in heaven also?

Forgive me for questioning you, my Lord

I don’t mean to offend you

Being a human being..

I can’t help, but think in this way

Tell me, good Lord

Why don’t you help us in the hour of our utmost need

When all is in your hands?

Terrible situations, at times, just pop up without prior notice

Through crafty cunning plans of revenge

The innocent are entrapped

An extremely heavy price we must pay for no fault of ours

Dear God, does it mean craftiness is the way to live?

Should all of us lead a life of selfish mean avengers?

Think, dear God..

What will happen to your beautiful world

That still has some honest humans?

Don’t you think..

They too will sooner or later adopt..

The sly, egocentric life, thinking..

If they don’t..

Their life will be no better than a hell on earth

Don’t you think they will lose faith in you, dear God?

Would this make you happy, my Lord

Personally, I very much doubt it


You love all your creations with no distinctions

So, please dear God I plead with you

To kindly help the guiltless victim

Undoubtedly you will want to punish the wrongdoer

But that can wait

First & foremost I earnestly beseech you to extricate the prey from..

The web of untold sufferings

The agony of one person isn’t restricted to him/ her alone

As you are very much aware–

It will, in fact, destroy the life of..

All the near & dear ones

Dear God, if you are still going to be..

A silent onlooker

Then we don’t know who to trust & have faith in &

Who not to trust?

A precarious situation indeed it is!

Please, therefore, I solemnly implore you

Kindly help us before it’s too late.

Please forgive me if I’ve been rude

I didn’t mean to, as you probably very well know


This predicament forced me with this query

I’ll be anxiously waiting for your response


We are extremely short of time

Thank you, dear God, for listening to me so very patiently

‘May the great Lord be praised for gifting us this precious life &

Hopefully, we won’t ever humiliate both God & Life by our actions.’


~Anuradha S. Bannore

Vadodara, India


  1. Wow! ms anuradhaji what an excellent composition ! a beautiful conversation with God the Almighty over the chaos shredding the world to pieces. where indeed do you get such ideas from? I am sure each one reading this poem will be compelled to ponder over the predicament everyone is facing today
    tanks for this wake up call

  2. Thanks Ms Diwakar for your very inspiring comments. They always help me in trying to write better than before. It’s true where Man is taking this world to, is unexplainable & it has landed it in
    unexpected chaos.