Thought of the Golden Bird

Once I saw a Golden Bird,

Full of Joy, Happiness, and Mirth,

Bird took a flight of Pleasure,

It was my Dream of Leisure.


             But suddenly I saw the real Terra,

              Surrounded by a Greedy and Scornful Aura.

             Mankind has been misguided by few,

                 Pains, sufferings and Hatred overgrew.


The situation has become poignant and Sarcastic,

I wish the people to become kind, truthful, and enthusiastic.

I hope for the visit of the Golden Bird,

So that the language of trust and Harmony could be loudly heard.


           Enormous hunger for power and wealth overpowered the Immortal Soul.

        And the man has achieved the selfish Goal.

   The bird flew to some other land,

 Far away from this greedy land.


                                                            ~ Nikita Dobhal

                                                            Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India


  1. Nice ?
    More poems please ?

  2. Great Poem Nikki….

  3. God bless you , budding writer.

  4. Well said….Superb poem