Sarabhai Sense

by Nourin N K

Being a cult figure in Gyaan Nagar, Sarabhai never got a chance to miss any of those big fat weddings in her locality. And when it comes to minimal programs, her impartial criticism always helped them to rectify their gloomy arrangements and make them more glossy next time.

I have heard that, with her brilliant efficiency, she became the leader of the Women’s community in Gyaan Nagar soon after her arrival, 3 years ago. She worked hard to give quality education to all men in the society, as much as she strived to provide qualified husbands to those young women. The eminent selected grooms only asked for a gift under 5 lakhs along with the bride. I hope you people won’t get confused about gifts from dowries.

She is such a generous lady, I must admit that.  Her love for the sketch mark is so ardent that she always makes sure to fill all those young foreheads in between 20-25, at least with a pinch of them, plus with a keychain hitched around their necks. People say Gyaan Nagar is a busy street and this marked keychain helped those husbands to find their wives without any trouble.

Last week, I heard her talking flawlessly about Nationality, about serving our country by working hard for our community. To be honest, I was awed by her immense love for our Nation, so I shared this incident with my colleagues.

But one of them who has been living in Gyaan Nagar for more than two years said that Sarabhai’s elder son Sadhubhai is all packed to depart for London in order to enhance his business and finance. I must say, how some people are so jealous of a person like Sarabhai and are trying to spread rumours. I am sure her son will be the best role model for the young generation.

Unfortunately, I was caught up with my work and couldn’t get to know more about our lovely Sarabhai, but I assure you to let you all know more about her and the people in Gyaan Nagar next time.

About the Author:

Nourin N K from Kerala, graduate in English language and literature, author of the book “Untying My Wings” ( Currently pursuing MA in English language and literature under Calicut University from Madappally Arts and Science college. In quest of discovering the untold versions of human story with nature. 

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  1. Aishwaria Balakrishnan

    Keep it up Nourin,Loving it. ?

  2. Aishwaria Balakrishnan

    Keep it up Nourin. Loving it ❤

  3. You are a gem Nourin, Thank you for lettingus all explore a new world with your words everytime.