Month: July 2021


Life in an Aquarium

This human life of ours is unique – We like to fed dogs tied with chain or to keep birds in a steel cage or colorful fishes in an aquarium. We do these things at the whim of our own minds, it feels good… On the one hand, our life […]


भूलीं बिसरी यादें

१ बीती यादों के आँगन में वे खिलखिलाते पल डोर पर लटकते, हिलोरे करते कपड़े हवा के झोंके से गिरते ही वापस टंग जाते   २ वह पानी से भरी आँगन कि टाँकी गरम पानी का वह ताम्बे का बंबा जिसमें लकड़ी जलाकर ठंड में गरम पानी करते न थके […]


The Locked Door

by Sowjanya M It was a few days back, a normal morning, with my husband, kid, and mother. That day my husband had left for the office early. The little one had his morning glass of Horlicks and got busy with his morning coloring and scribbling session. I went out […]



Your story too is like all stories you think it is so misleading and deceiving, this is someone else’s or a mirage, but nope! it’s solemnly yours eventually, every random detail make sense; Spend hours talking about you to myself and our conversations be like – “No, I don’t want […]



By Snigdha Agrawal With the easterly winds blowing, the tongues of flames were behaving like a crowd fleeing from a stampede, hither thither and everywhere.  There were no fire extinguishers to douse the flames.  It had to die down on its own, in its own time, anything from three to […]

Week's Person

An interview with Dr. Steve Ober, M.D

By: Mala Niverthi, Milind Mukkamala, Ashay Bongirwar, Neha Koganti, The GTF Group. Introduction We are High School students in the Atlanta area and are members of Global Thrombosis Forum, otherwise known as GTF, which is an affiliate of the North American Thrombosis Forum. Our primary mission is to spread awareness […]



Everything was buried deep nothing could reach there and haunt me Yes! sealed and safe Until I decided to bring you down we together unearthed   The closer you made and the comments hurled stabbed with words, pinched with consoles Now I’m left alone as pieces, Teared open and unveiled […]