Month: July 2021



I read this quote somewhere “You can’t sell dreams to someone who walked through nightmares” So I am putting this up. What was your scariest nightmare? No, no I am not talking about the scenes you imagined yourself in after watching “The Conjuring”. I am talking about the nightmares you […]


My Beautiful Village

My village is located along the sea inlet of an island, where the climate is generally cool.   Nature lovers relish the beautiful environment of the heavenly village where I live.   The weather conditions in summer and winter make it a popular talking point.   The market and school […]


Past Catches-up Someday – Part III

by Maliha Iqbal Each quarrel had the same monotonous pattern. A pleader and a shouter except for that one. She had been fantasizing about a family trip to Disneyland when she heard her father calling her. There was anguish in his voice. She walked over to them from the next […]


अगर पंख होते मेरे

किसने कहा की अगर पंख होते मेरे तो ही मैं उड़ जाती कहीं ? किसने कहा की अगर पंख होते मेरे तो ही मैं उड़ जाती कहीं ? आज आसमान छोटा लगने लगा है शायद मेरी सपनों की उड़ान इसमें समा ना पाई किसने कहा की अगर पंख होते मेरे […]


The Gem of My Dream

All in a package, well-groomed, well taught daughter, a heartwarming sister and a friend more than a gem.   The natural beauty that would steal the heart of every passer-by, and make their heart filled with blissfulness.   Systematic in thought and action. A wisdom more than godly divine. A […]


Life’s Journey

Life goes on with lots of ups & downs, But still, we live, still, we breathe just for our beloved ones…..   Time goes on like a flow And every time the relationship gets a new glow….   Nothing is permanent & no one is dependent One day everything will […]


Glasses of Love From My Point of View

Every day my heart weeps, For you, and sing a sad song, To see the immortal scenes, Of your eyes, with attraction along.   Either it is love, I know, I not, But I had experienced since long, By reading, books and elders thought, Loving kalams of SALB and other […]


If This is Not God’s Grace Then What?

by Chhavi Everyone is living on the grace of God. He is the sole source of energy in this world. Immense energy can be felt every moment. Many names, different faces yet the same relax and peace in their memory. Always there to support you, whether the world is with […]



I used to be a magpie by default. Then they call me shameless. And my tongue is guilty as charged. Sh! I had a lot of things to say. Like, the world is beautiful. I love the hibiscus. I like to walk barefoot. Pantua is tastier than Rasgulla. Mir has […]


Anyone’s Life!

Like a shooting star she/ he rushed out of her/ his room Looking everywhere for her / his loved one Loudly she/ he called out to him/ her But to her/ his disappointment Only her/ his echoing voice could she/ he hear On the floor she/ he flopped Holding her/ […]