Month: July 2021


Hidden Glory

I am missing the Sun, without it, there is little or no fun. The glory is hidden behind the thick clouds, beyond unreasonable doubts.   It is the season of rain, There is a mixture of fun and pain. For now, I must learn to live without the Sun, instead, […]


Life is Tug of War

Fear holds life in the demarcation Desire pushes beyond borders The tug of war prolongs for a longer duration Life, the rope between two contenders   When desire and fear pull hither and thither Helpless rope remains huffing and puffing What will happen if one wins from another? Rope will […]



Gods Do Not Yea Ya Evolve; Gods Always ‘I’ncarnate Only From Undisputed AlphasTo — Omegas ! But, Ooh, ‘I’? OnlyYea ‘I’ncarnate !                                                         […]


The World of My Dream

I dream of a world pristine and clean All the places around are serene Creatures living to help the one in need Without dividing species and breed   The forest be the habitat of the creature A blissful home that they would nurture No being would experience a torture From […]


The Political Cost of Inflation

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal                                                               A good politician is quite as unthinkable as an honest burglar.                                                                                                                                   ~H. L. […]


Another Day

To another day, I have unseen you with the greatest pleasure And perhaps when I write about you years hence I shall remember you Not by how you were But, by how I remembered you   Days will be a little hasty Alas, you will be gone Why would you […]


The Quest for a Better Future for Everyone

Sky touching tree canopies, playing squirrels, or just a glimpse of many green leaves Like a kiss in the dark from a significant stranger as an amorphous world perceives The ups and downs in our lives teach a lesson to become a mature, sophisticated mind Explore the entire range of […]


Speedy Trial: A Pie in the Sky

by Abhik Roy In 1979, the Supreme Court of India recognized the fundamental right of the accused to a speedy trial, and, since then, it has been reiterating the same. Yet, four decades through, speedy trial remains a pie in the sky, and long, dragged-out legal battles continue to define […]



by Gil Hoy They all thought he was famous. But the truth was, he was not. Perhaps it was the long, gray mane that flowed from his head, coupled with his good looks and charm. Perhaps it was the way Gary Wellington could speak beautiful words. Or his intelligence. Perhaps […]