Month: July 2021


We Need Strength to Champion Hope

by Mark Antony Rossi I continue to stumble across less-than-stellar people in positions where their presence should be a vital component to champion hope and goodwill — but they do not. In many industries such as the medical field, organizations and groups spring up and advocate for the infirmed, the […]


Passing On

by Sowjanya M We live in India, in our regional languages most of the time speaking in the singular form to elders is considered as bad manners and speaking only in the plural to elders is acceptable. However, there are other ways too, though somebody is speaking in the singular […]


देख तेरे संसार की हालत क्या हो गई भगवान |

मातृभाषा को तुच्छ समझते, पराई भाषा को सिर पर रख्ते | क्षन सुख के खातिर बच्चों को पराए देश भेजे, जुदाई का गम फिर हंस कर सेहते | चंद कागज के लिए तूने किया मिट्टी का अपमान ||                         […]


The Unachievable Goal

by Anuradha S. Bannore ‘What a beautiful day it is!’ she murmured to herself. ‘ Why am I wasting it by just sitting on my verandah? I think I should go out somewhere & enjoy it.’ She quickly got up, ran indoors, changed & was out within no time. She […]


I Saw a Sea Beach

Human birth is not an accidental event, but we learn from our experience and gain knowledge. Life is all about changes and one must not get disappointed if things don’t come true. There is no greater pleasure than giving and receiving a smile, and touching another heart through kindness. We modify our […]


Flying Under the Storm

Flying under the storm, Way up high beneath the clouds. Pushing through the wind With the smell of rain, Whistling a sweet tune For the world to hear. The clouds may be dull and drear, But I am warm and gay. Flying under the storm My world could be merrier. […]


Flame of Desire

In the dark and frozen cold Region of my lonely core A tiny flame of desire starts To burn as never before   For ages being in abstinence This feeling is disturbing, Warmth is stirring emotions I sense the ice is melting   Such craving for the carnal love Is […]



Lost in state of ecstasy there is my heart, mind and soul when you lose your reputation when you are lost in the crowd when you lose your crown when you lose your nursie when you lose your hope slowly, silently someone took your everything there’s no earth below, no […]



Bewildered by the spectrum cord of Requiem Chorused by Night’s entourage Fishes gurgle and topple in military espionage Drill through the Moon’s shadow that S-p-l-a-s-h around Iyolo River And tug the rumbustious vibration That runs through the broken track   Truly I say, “The Cloud does sign bond to our […]


The Landscape of Life

The landscape is quite The thoughts are baffling, The serene surrounding Converse with its beautiful Finesse and complexity.   The solitude and silence Have their own dialect The appreciation is real Enticing and intriguing.   Nostalgia and memoir, The myriad challenges Of transitioning life Quite, calm and deep.   The […]