We start from a little,

and this little becomes bigger and

better and more accomplished.

Everything in life starts from a scratch.

A single word of resentment or hurt

flung at someone affects our karma

and if not checked and is repeated,

then we become gradually a negative person

with a bad temperament.

Similarly an act of kindness or

even an assurance of sympathy

to a needy person impacts our life

in a positive manner and makes

our karma good and changes us

into a positive person.

Little drops of water gradually makes  a river,

Little grains of sand go on to become a desert,

Little bit of luck makes one successful,

Little startups go on to become a big company,

Every little thing becomes big gradually.

Hence it is important to start and once

a thing is started, it could be accomplished

by subsequent efforts and blessings of the Lord.

One must check one’s actions always,

bad actions reap bad effects on us and

make our karma bad.

Similarly good  actions like helping the needy,

doing selfless service to mankind,

feeding the hungry birds and animals,

make our karma good and we get

positive results in our lives.

Our every action has the power to change

our lives and affect our karma.


                                                                      ~Sidhartha Mishra

                                                                          Sambalpur, India

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