Life In the Darkness

Living a life, alone in the darkness,
going through the hardships of life in starkness;
shedding oceans of tears,
silently enduring the pain beyond what I could bear.

I have lived every sphere of life,
I tasted every bitterness that it offered.
Thus, I have erased the fear of living in the darkness,
and I no longer cry as all my tears dried up.

There was a moment when I craved for darker days to end,
but most of the time, it remained as a wish to be fulfilled.
But I still kept my eyes wide open and peeped through the windows of darkness,
with desperation and little hope of better days that await.

In retrospect, life in darkness was a big opportunity,
as it taught me an immense lesson;
It framed me emotionally strong,
and boosted my courage to face all kinds of adversity that surrounds me.

After I dreaded through all the harsh and tough challenges;
I have become more empathetic.
I can feel and understand much better,
the language of pain and cry of others’ while in the darkness.

I developed more appreciation towards people who stood behind someone living in darkness;
because I know how it transforms the inner world,
when we realize that there is someone behind us against all the odds.

When your life is in darkness, live as if you are preparing for the good life ahead;
Even if your life is not in the darkness, live as if you are preparing for it someday.
Everyone must be alert and remember that darkness can befall any second.
This will be a preparation, both mentally and physically.

                                                                          ~ Yeshi Nidup

                                                                                 Phuentsholing, Bhutan


  1. Lhakpa Wangdi Sherpa

    Much blessed to read and to know the fact of a life…

  2. Congrats on your 4oth wonderful poem!

  3. Very well articulated and so close to our lives. Great read. Thanks for sharing.