Month: June 2021


Am I Depressed?

Being judged by my own shadow, Being terrified by my own thoughts, Being pulled by my own uncertainties, Being scared by my own surrounding, All seem to be abnormal But I am pretending to be normal. I don’t want to open my eyes I don’t want to talk about anything […]


Autumn in Spring

It was last spring here when the pandemic began On this budding, its wave surged again, Spring in Paradise is no more refreshing With shriek of panting and baleful crushing, I belong to the very Saffron’s land Where flowers blossom in the deserted sand, The gates of schools are sealed […]


My World

I am confused, perplexed, and feeling lost, in the complexity of this mundane world; The purpose for our creation must be bigger than what I visualize, but not merely living and chasing the dreams of luxurious life.   My world is flooded with problems; I am part of it and […]


Curiosity at the Dining Table

Her eyes were an ocean of wonder But seemed to be rueing on some blunders The brownness of her eyes seemed to be Enshrouding tons of grieves In the cabinets which are out of my reach Her plump cheeks could not veil The bloody movement in her veins And hence […]


Restore Insects to Restore the Planet

by Neelamadhab Sahu, Ravi Shankar Behera and Ranjit K Sahu Of the many groups of animals that dwell on the earth, insects are the most numerous and diverse and play an important role in the maintenance of the ecological balance in their habitats acting as indispensable elements. They not only […]



Hummingbird has the fastest wing beat. It is a small nectar-feeding tropical American bird.   Hummingbirds can fly backwards and they can also keep their bodies perfectly still in mid-air.   Hummingbird is the smallest bird and the flightless penguin is a clumsy, funny creature.   The male hummingbird whistles with […]


Pandemic, Media and UP Election

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal Just as we are moving towards the end of “second wave” and hoping this wave will not resurge after unlock. The focus has returned to the same old dirty tricks and political gossiping on news media over the next assembly elections in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Rather than asking questions […]