Heal the World

Crises in the city, villages, and towns

As if the earth has crumbled down

And the most trusted God has lost its hope

Leaving the world for themselves to cope


Fighting with the tiny and invisible

Winning the fight looks impossible

Hues and cries are the songs of the ward

I pray to thee my Lord, please heal the world


The world we lived with laughter and joy

Sharing hugs and love that we enjoyed

Now all that we see around is sadness

With pandemic leading us to madness


We wish to walk freely in the streets

Dance in the clubs in the latest pop beats

Reap me into pieces with a sizzling sword

But please, do heal the world, my God.


You have the power to clean the world

All the misery ad pain can be furled

The thorny virus around is curled

I surrender to my lord, please heal the world.


~ Deepak raj Chetri


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