The Loss

You made an inroad

Into the dense forest

Of my heart

On wings of fire you rode

And with the speed of wind

Did you depart

Leaving me

Lonely, hurt and confused

With so much

Pain and anguish infused

Inside  me

Plus meandering shadows

Beside me

Sitting under a tree,

Drained of every feeling

Losing my equilibrium,

With my mind reeling

I ponder over the ways

You courted me those days

Then what has gone wrong

Who stole the bird of song

The butterflies, the flowers,

The clouds and sudden showers,

Was destiny the traitor,

Or you were the violator

Of my faith and trust in you

Which I couldn’t

Visualize and  view,

Anyway I lost you

And a part of me,

Forever without clue.

                                                      ~Sudha Dixit

                                                       Bangalore, India

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