There is a deep ocean motionless,

It is replete with anxiety and stress,

Somewhere lay a bright shining pearl,

But when their gushing current hurl,

Every hope ends with profound despair,

Then you start losing your might and dare,

People pick at you and give you trouble,

They want to blow you like a bubble,

When they do it the ocean’s waves start raising,

Their comments neutralize all admiration and praising,

This ocean is invisible to them,

Like a dried leaf behind a stem,

However expressions are seen on the face,

But their mind can’t get a single trace,

This ocean wants a adoring shore,

It wants the things less not so more,

If you give it a touch of the hand,

This can remove from the ocean all the sand,

Ocean wants to be a rippling river,

Which can flow without any shiver,

Ocean wants to be a patient pond,

Which can make an unbreakable bond,

With its cool current falling into the heart,

To soothe all the aching pulsating part,

This ocean wants to be a drop,

To make an only peaceful plop,

But this ocean is fated with its current,

It doesn’t get deplete with its latent lament,


                                                                  ~ Rabindra Soni

                                                             Rewa, India

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