Everyday Heroes

The invisible enemy attacks, catching people unawares

mutating and multiplying, wreaking havoc worldwide.

Donned in their PPE kits,

helping hands of healthcare workers reach out,

round the clock, on their feet without a break.

The hospitals are nothing less than a war zone

people manoeuvring in a frenzy,

scurrying for the ventilators, injections and medicines.

The air feels heavy with burden of anxiety and fear

 gloom pervades the corridors.

Their hearts heavy, carrying the grief

of the brave souls who succumb.

But there is no time to grieve

for more are in the line, calling for help.

Trepidation sets in each evening, as they return home.

Despite scrubbing and sanitising themselves,

they hesitate to hug their vulnerable family.

They are thankful for their masks and shield,

as they hide the tears of helplessness, many a time.

Fatigued, yet these warriors fight relentlessly

to make a difference, to save another life!


                                                                           ~Radhika Puttige

                                                                       Hyderabad, India


  1. A beautiful tribute to the real heroes who have made the most valiant sacrifices in the war against the pandemic.

  2. Eloquently expressed tribute to the heroic healthcare workers, Radhika! Congratulations on its publication. Wishes for speedy recoveries all over India! <3