How to Say It or Why to Say It?

‘Wh’ questions matter much bother many.

Reality surfaces beneath the qualms of simplicity in the beholder,

Seldom are any observing with naked view…


People think, rather assume and assure too

Of that what they have any little idea..!

Now the question prevails,

How to say it?

Wonder why should we.


They who have little or no idea of what you’re going through

They think rather assume and assure,

Learn to ignore such minds

Also learn to mind one’s own mind.


When mind one’s own mind

They will never come in mind

Life is once and to be dealt with wise

Leap ahead and bounce with Joice


To know how to say it,

We should realise how to see it!

Life is yours deal it nice, don’t let anyone slice.


Calm down! Realise, how to see it.

To know how to say it!

Things are fine when let go what is not,

Things are fine when you know what is you.


Shun unlike minds shine with brightness that’s makes you YOU.

Make the best for yourself

In you is the universe you’re seeking outside

Leap ahead, love yourself

Each day is yours. SMILE


                                                         ~Anila Arun Pillai

                                                              Surat, India

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