A Different Holi

Colors of last season have faded

but not the hue

they have left some lasting imprints

in my memory lane

it is difficult to bid adieu


They were not mere colors perhaps

but shades immersed in love

painted spectrum of life with a tender touch


The quaint feel was like a  boisterous excursion

to the indelible nostalgic trails

the hustle-bustle, extravaganza of fun and laughter

whisk me back to those infallible phases


Both bright and pastel shades adorned demeanor

beautifully complimented each other

we played non stop

from dawn to late afternoon

many times jumped allotted period

called it quits, when parents yelled to be home


Looks like..

this time, most of us will skip the celebration

taking into consideration…the bleak horizon

the scare of spread

has put all of us on tenterhooks again

if you ask me to opine…

“I will choose some cosy nook

embrace serenity and calmness with a book

sit, relax and be myself.


                                                                     ~Sujata Dash

                                                                        Bhubaneswar, India


  1. Beautiful Composition on the eve of Holi in Corona pandemic days.

  2. Nice

  3. Nice piece of writing.