Month: February 2021



Oh dear sound of heart Why are you out for sorts? Is it because, the hearts you were a heart to, are not heart’s anymore? But much tragic is that you don’t have hands so I can pull out of blues But thy my dearly heart, didn’t I told You […]


The Hotel!

by Swarnasankha Acharjee Ranojoy Sen is the first man who published my work in his magazine. Off late, I was getting popular through the columns of his magazine. Beside my books, I kept writing stories for his magazine. I was struggling to come up with a new story for quite […]


ତୃତୀୟ ବିଶ୍ୱ ଯୁଦ୍ଧ!!

ସମସ୍ତେ କଥା ହଉଥିଲେ, ତୃତୀୟ ବିଶ୍ୱଯୁଦ୍ଧର କଥା; ଏମିତି ଯୁଦ୍ଧଟେ ଅନିବାର୍ଯ୍ୟ ବୋଲି। କେହି କହୁଥିଲା, ତେଲ ପାଇଁ ହେବ ସେ ସମର, ପାଣି ପାଇଁ ହେଇପାରେ ବୋଲି ଆଉ କେହି ମତ ଦଉଥିଲା। ସବୁଠିତ ଚାଲିଥିଲା ପ୍ରସ୍ତୁତି ମାନ ଧ୍ୱଂସ ଲାଗି, ପ୍ରଳୟର ଲାଗି…। ମାରଣାସ୍ତ୍ରର ପରୀକ୍ଷଣରେ, ତହୁଁ ବଳବନ୍ତ ଶସ୍ତ୍ରର ଉଦ୍ଭାବନରେ କିଛି ଗୋପନ, କିଛି ଉଦ୍’ଭାସନ ଭିତରେ। ସବୁଠି ଥିଲା କିନ୍ତୁ ଅହଂକାରର ପୂତିଗନ୍ଧମୟ ଉଲ୍ଲାସ; […]


Class Warfare

A President, ideally, should lead the nation in dignity, with respect for all citizens, charged by the Constitution to serve and protect regardless of differences. Our current elected leader, like many elected officials has forgotten, or never knew the duty owed to America. Instead of reaching out to all he […]


RAIN-“Romance Arising in Nature”

I see through a window…. Droplets dancing with a song… All in a rhythm of nature…. So much in a tone… Mood swinging well… With this nature’s music…. Sitting in a swing….. Dancing with the moods inside… Wavering through…. Whether to go in the dancing beauty…. Alone or umbrella in […]


A Young Wheatish Woman

The sun smiled On the moist meadow. Two knees bend, plucked the flowers one by one, she sat near In half sleeves of white robe with bluish shade, Black braided hair with a shallow tail. Merry baby’s breath dozing in her mother’s womb, Red- seeded dandelion stood his head, Sunlight […]


A Golden Afternoon

During the summer vacation, Muna and her sister Suna went to the picnic spot. But the picnic spot was crowded with some school children of the village. However, everyone assembled in one place and they started to play few games. Sometime later, they entered a hall for meals and had […]