Your pupils swim in my eyes

One stroke at a time.

Freestyle is my favorite, you know

You see what I see,

Your vision is drenched in mine.

My body is your skeleton’s abode

I know

You like how my meat nurtures

Your internal framework

Bone density maximum,

You move when I move

Your axis revolves around mine.

You and me,

We are one.

He says, our lunar constellations

Are inauspicious.

He calls your body of a “Shudra”

And mine of a “Brahmin”.

Hilarious, isn’t it?

He doesn’t understand we are one.

I call his mind hyperbole.

Oh Lord of stars!

Isn’t it funny?

You transpired in our union

Now, he says, you won’t favor us.

                                                                         ~ Nidhi Agrawal

                                                                               Patna, India

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