Home, the heavenly place associated with peace

Where attachment and love for the family increase

Thinking of home, all the sorrows and pain cease

Mind rejuvenates filled with the pleasure of bliss

Ushering us towards the delightful paradise


The gentle caress my parents share

When to their norms I adhere

Punishment and harsh words they blare

When out of anger to their face, I glare

Home is yet the best place for warmth and care


Home hides the memories of my toddler days

The antechamber that I crawled on when mother chase

The walls that hide the palm prints of my young age

The windows through which to meadows I gaze

Twists my memories back, making me stay amazed



Home binds the souls of a different generation

From one generation to next inherits elation

Now that I have to work out of the station

Family cannot have face to face conversation

My heart aches with a surge of gloomy sensation


                                                                                   ~Deepak Raj Chetri 


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