Fragile Vulnerability

She emerges from the shadows

in the dark of the night,

under the neon lights bright.

Clad in a shimmery saree,

 make up, masks the insipid face.

Khol lined eyes weary with remorse,

coloured lips conceal a scarlet emotion

bemoan her fragile destiny.


Lusty eyes devour her vulnerable body

 inhale her fragrance, leaving her wilted.

Lewd remarks rip her soul

oblivious to the silent tears shed.

She wipes away the creases of her petals

to blossom once more, another night.


                                                                    ~Radhika Puttige

                                                                       Hyderabad, India


  1. Very empathetic portrayal, Radhika! You highlight the humanity of a woman in a tawdry situation. Lovely, poignant poem.

  2. A deep poem stirring emotions and touching chord on a lone woman, on the vulnerability and making her strength. Superb Radhika.

  3. Congratulations. Superb and profound poem, Radhika and she sure is fragile as a glass. The picture too was so beautiful. Too good.

  4. Beautifully emotive and profound. Congratulations!

  5. Beautiful poem! It sends a wonderful message that she may look vulnerable but she emerges stronger every day.

  6. Nice and touching poem dear Radhika :)

  7. Thank you Kamal

  8. A powerful piece. Deeply moving. Engaging ending.