Ordinary People

Those people in the corners of the frame

The vendors selling their wares

On dirty streets, of broken asphalt

The girl in the tattered dress

Too large for her skeletal physique

The man on the rickshaw, half clad

Ferrying indigent royalty here and there

The boy with thirteen balloons

At the windows of cars, selling

Toys for others so that they may play

The uniformed, policeman, a little out of shape

Controlling cars, buses, motorbikes

On two legs and a whistle, takes on the tykes

The teenaged boy at the corner kiosk

Pretending to be the man he is not

The woman in the black sedan

Porcelain smiles, cold even though it is hot

Feigning wealth, she may not have

Are they the everyday people you talk of

The ones in the corners of the frame

The ordinary people

With ordinary lives

Who Extraordinarily survive.


                                                                             ~ Swapna Sanchita

                                                                                  Ranchi, India


  1. This poem is very informative and thoughtful, it tells us about what and how do ordinary people’s life are…great work!!

    • A thought-provoking poem. Ordinary people are marvellous innovation of Nature and its Super Master – God.