His Warmth

She is the eyes of that storm which can be tamed by none, but him

She is wild and crazy with nonrhythmic notes of love

The more he asked her to stop the unmusical wanderings

The louder and louder she sang and that made it more crazy


His warmth continuing to spiral, forming

an insatiable yen of desire within the strings of her heart

Her musings dissolves in his when his fingers slide around

playing the familiar song in her nerves


Tracing his lips she whispered,

She needs him as much as he craves for her too

You and me are both but different flavors of the same thing,

Strange it may sound, but trust me


Together they are breathing life into a new soul

Love is blooming with no ‘ifs’; something, that’s never ending

And the vibes sync through timeless moments and selfless love

When the stream of their love is flowing freely into the ocean of their weirdness.


                                                                                                    ~ Akhila Siva

                                                                                                      Trivandrum, India


  1. Makarakulir

  2. Akhila Siva, this is beautiful poetry!

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