Month: December 2020


A Ray of Hope

As sweet as the honey you are Smiling as half opening bud at far Twinkling like a dimly lit star Causing my serene heart spur   There you are born as my ray of hope Concerned about my future and scope Luminous like an angel lighting my home Showing a […]


Countering Micro Fascism in a Tropical Amazonia: Matriliny and a Female Kalarippayattu Tradition in Kerala

by Umar Nizarudeen  The aesthetic privileging of the feminine along with the political suppression of the same has been a constant factor in the socio-cultural space in modern Kerala. While women have been allotted demarcated zones of beauty and self-care and arenas of feminine sovereignty that draw from tradition, the […]



In rags or in silken robes A mother’s character is the same Her soul is an ageless Angel She’s flesh N blood only in name   As purpose of a soul remains A quest for the super soul The well being of her children Is a mother’s primary goal   […]


To Beloved

Hundreds of nights I haven’t slept, My eyes strain, my body aches, The images fall and my heart breaks, Thinking of You! You had memories to lap over but I had none, So I built a cosy home with you, placing memories one by one, And all of a sudden, […]


You Deleted this Message

My WhatsApp displayed, ?? “You deleted this message” Fourteen times in fourteen boxes Neatly huddled up One below the other. Green coloured coffins Contain corpses of my first thoughts, obliterated by my second thoughts  And even a  third.  My molten memories flowed- Your yellow winking emoji glowed, ? Spitting a […]


Humanity for Peace

Peace, a priceless gem causing eternal grace That everyone on the Earth yearns to embrace Dreams of living in a peaceful place Brings to heart a momentary solace   Although the Earth is dominated by a human race All we can experience around is agony and disgrace That brings to […]



Those quaint smiles and large laughs during afternoon tea ritual I miss dearly as age advances It was a fun time always flooded with bursts of syrupy giggles… leg pulling and humor played key motifs as usual The big terrace ambushed by hefty cane chairs bathed in afternoon warmth was […]