Month: December 2020


Life’s Miles

The road ahead is desolate akin to my brooding state the sun has sipped all nectar left the universe parched stink of avarice all around makes me sick I am in two minds whether to fly away from the trajectory or to stick I have become skeletal both in letter […]


Owner’s Will

A nurseryman’s job is to plant the herbs, And to water them with a verve. But to adhere the blow and upshots is the will of Owner. Does He do that or not!                                   […]


Let the Love Flow

The sun drowns, welcoming the darkness, Shortly, everything will become sightless. The moon is excited to show its beauty, but it’s worthless, As I have you in fornt of my eyes, where moon is compareless.   Yet, the darkness has shown that the beauty is nothin’, When the eyes are […]


Destiny of Cravings

Be the real you my friend Never lose the track of life in trend Some comes some goes in blend Understand that it’s on you to take life to comprehend.   You’re powerful than the millions You’re creative than the billions Do your work that satisfies your soul to ask […]


Future – How it is

by Daksh Khanna Interstellar and Dark have something in common. If you give the attention they are based on the concepts where the future influences the past, the bootstrap paradox. In Interstellar Cooper; when inside the black hole, in morse code, gives the solution to Murphy. The sixth episode of […]


These Hours are Ours

These hours are ours, it will never elapsed Let us complete our quench Moments of merriment, let us galloped Excused each other if in oblivion, we’d drenched Life’s existence paused now and again Before the setting sun Excitement may not be bothered Every art of liveliness preserved O’my love come […]


To a Not-So Nonsensical Year

This was a stupid, stupid year, For the ones who loved cold champagne parties And For the ones who loved their warm coffee. It’s been strange, For the ones who wanted to enjoy life, And For the ones who wanted to destroy theirs. It’s been infuriating For the wolves who […]


The Little Grudge Of life

Play combative, Let others think The good we may think, just in a blink Soberty and calmness of our soul Will lead us at our supreme goal   Posetivity of mind is a boost Will take out all our evil ghost Uplift thou progressive flag To determine pevish fogg   […]


Unchained Melodies

Songs sang splendidly, Slaughtered silent solitude, Sweet sweats slide slowly, Sighing, sadness shooed!     Lyrical songs, begone Even before melody began; For as the letters tell a tale The music sung an elegy!     You are a Muse, I was amused Each ink I spill, a binding spell […]