I Lost my Innocence

It was Sankrant and Kartika puja day

and sunset created a beautiful display.

Nature was in bloom in autumn season,

with candles lit in the temple in the evening.

I was recollecting my sweet memories,

while sitting cheerfully in the garden.

Things like beauty, love, joy and peace,

all matter arises from beyond mind.

This creates an enjoyable environment,

but we need to stay focused in life.

When I grew up, my good memories increased,

more than the unpleasant ones in my life.

I abstained from all amusement and

was unable to enjoy my youth.

I was recollecting happy teenage life,

and powerful core of those memories.

The memories of my little village

brought to fore my mother’s glowing face.

I spent my happy childhood in a village,

where my fate was hidden in career.

I used to sleep with my grandmother, who

used to tell me stories every night.

Living in the village was a great experience

where I could find helpful teachers.

When I look back at my childhood, I

recall my grandmother who used to guide me.

I used to play gully-danda with friends,

which was a great remembrance.

I cherish memories of my initial life which

had pleasant things but I lost innocence.


                                                                                           ~ Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

                                                                                                         New Delhi, India

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