Gratitude to My Soldiers

Starting his training period drenches in sweat

Trains his body to achieve the target, the trainers set

 Even under the toughest training, he is calm, never agitate

He knows that he is the country’s hero at the time of threat


Takes a vow to guard the country as a soldier

Leaving behind their family, younger and older

No matter he is posted to a place warmer or colder

Without a second thought, he is there to take the order



Walk days and months with loads of bullets and gun

Facing the worst enemies it the battle field, they never run

Never gives up or surrenders to the enemy even at the state of stun

He never will lose the country to the enemy as the country’s true son



Even if in the battlefield he dies

With a gun in his hand, brave and stubborn he lies

His reverent soul from his cold body will gradually rise

Saluting to the body lying on the battlefield, smiles and flies



To the soldiers who are true and brave

Power, wealth and comfort who never crave

The whole country pays respect with gunshot in grave

As the legendary hero, their names in the museums they engrave



                                                                                ~ Deepak Raj Chetri


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