The canvas of this earth has been tinted brown

Displaying the tall, lush and verdant trees,

Green grass, the blue sky and many

Colorful flowers luring birds and bees


White, grey and black clouds racing with the wind,

Singing while they shower down pearly rain – drops,

Thus creating pretty rainbows in the firmament

And filling with hope and life thirsty, growing crops


Serpentine, slanting valleys and the Pine trees

Mighty mountains also tiny little scattered hills

Bluish green, deep oceans, springing cascades,

Cool, calm and still lakes plus fast flowing rills


God must be a poet to visualize miracle, or

He must be a wizard to hatch such work of art

This beauty par excellence, my extraordinary earth

Has been conceived in a visionary’s heart


But listen to its wailing, what have we done to it

Destroyed jungles, blasted hills, and mutilated parks

Damaged environment, made atmosphere stark

Thus caused divine nature to lose its sheen and spark


                                                                                     ~Sudha Dixit

                                                                                         Bangalore, India

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