it is a different kind of existentialism

where my hair sticks out

and my voice is weird

and some people know my name.


when do you know of someone

and when do you know them?


books are better judged

by their covers

than their summaries.


we leave reviews of people

on people

so, they dress up their bookshelf

and hope they’ll find a matching pretense.


can you bookmark a story

in real time?
the metal ones

always seem to fall out.


pseudonyms are interesting

because they don’t mean anything,

and if they do,

the true story is a confabulation.


can you plagiarise your life

from a book?


just ask the dearly departed

and the storytellers who try to

but fail miserably.


in the book,

you don’t know

that my hair is sticking out

and my voice is weird.


you know what I tell you,

what is told to you.


if you don’t understand me,

you’ll leave.

chances are, you won’t



the vintages ones lie in dust

and pretty prose

and pretend

they don’t know who they are.


                                                                                             ~ Smriti Haria



  1. Your writing is so intricate and it makes me feel so much!! It’s amazing!!

  2. Well said …. Smriti,
    You certainly deserve ????????applause n roses..

  3. Chandrashekar Nair

    Conscise, compact, insciesive nd impressive
    Keep it up my girl from where it comes.

  4. Smriti, well written. Loved “matching pretense” . Keep them coming.
    Check ” Labyrinths” on fb , am sure you ll love it

  5. Chandrashekar Nair

    Conscise, compact, insciesive nd impressive
    Keep it up my girl.

  6. Chandrashekarnair@yahoo.com

    Conscise, compact, incisive nd impressive

  7. Chandrashekar Nair

    Conscise, compact, inscisive nd impressive
    Keep it up my girl.

  8. Well done Smriti. Keep writing ??

  9. Meena Chandrashekar

    Well written. Congratulations. Keep writing.
    You will reach great heights.