A River’s Testimony

The river advances implacable,

Adorned in its ferocity,

Watching bright days melting to numb nights,

And the gloomy nights,

Shedding its darkness as the sky ignites.

It has flown relentless,

Narrating fables of proud Kings,

When clank of swords

Dictated the faith of pride squabbles.

The roar of gun replaced the clanks,

The Kings retitled, but pride unchanged,

Squabbles, still avenged.


The river mellow,

Continues to flow in lands shallow,

Smudging the mud beneath

Nestled lovers caressing feet.


Seamless has it flown,

while hovering upon it is the black fume,

Where once danced the birds in its tune.

Once boats floated in its curl,

In its breeze many concealed feelings did unfurl.


Now, bridges built,

Boats, a rare spectacle.

Yet its water glow,

Plethora of sparkling dreams,

In its surface everyday sow.

And as these dreams reap,

Narrating the tale,

The river continues to flow.


                                                           ~ Nabajit Chatterjee

                                                           Bangalore, India

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