Un-True Love

I grown a seed of love
Just for time pleasure
How  can  be I save
Whilst pain though core
Ah! Heartaches fire
When love produce desire

Heaven is nearer when
Beloved’s hand is in hand
Dreary hell comes than
When broken love blamed
Torchered torchered solely night
A mid moons solitary fight

The love that core’s at
Deep darker side of heart
The moon upon the sea waits
The water that reflects
The waves of sea hath sign’s
That untrue love  resign’s

The reality of this world not find
Reign that true love wears
White-eyes, all they’re blind
Passing time, filled with fears
Drought of love hath seen
The seed of true love wasn’t seen.

                                                                                       ~ Amar Shaw Saleem

                                                                                       Sindh, Pakistan

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